To estimate how much you and your family will need to contribute for one year at Harvard, we're going to take you through the following steps:


Important: 临清凯发亨服务有限公司

Remember, this is not an application for financial aid. The calculator is simply a tool to estimate how much your family will need to contribute for one year at Harvard. You will be asked to provide personal information about your family, and finances. We do not save this information; it is only used within the calculator.

This calculator provides a good estimate, but it is not a guarantee of financial aid.

También se puede usar la calculadora en español.


As you fill out the form below, error messages in the form will be read aloud. Also, once you have completed the form, if you change any fields, your updated estimate will be read aloud. 



Every family is different and many of them are complex – something which is hard to capture in a calculator. Remember this is only an estimate, so enter information that best resembles your situation. Once you are admitted, we will work closely with you to fully understand your family's unique financial circumstances. If your parents are separated or divorced, each parent should fill out the calculator with their own information.

Instructions: 丹东鼎盛和服务有限公司

We use this to determine your travel allowance (done by state for US students, province for Canadian students and by world region for other international students).


Instructions: 定州荣瑞皇科技有限公司

This includes your parent(s) and the number of dependent people in your household, including those in college.


Instructions: 江西省汇隆永设备有限公司

You should enter the number of children who will be in college during the academic year, including you. If there will be more than one child enrolled in college, the calculator assumes that the additional child’s cost to your family is comparable to, or higher than, what you would pay to attend Harvard. (For example, if you select “2 in college” and the calculator estimates a Net Price of $15,000 for you, it is assuming that the second child’s cost to the family is $15,000 or more.)

* Required


You should use your most recent year’s income information (converted to U.S. dollars if applicable). We will request tax forms and other financial documents to verify this information when you complete a financial aid application.

Instructions: 六库益中泰服务有限公司

This includes your total annual pre-tax earnings (including any voluntary retirement contributions such as Tax Deferred Accounts) from your wage statements. Do not include self-employment income or business income; include those amounts under business/farm income.

This includes total annual pre-tax earnings.

Instructions: 奎屯祥厚中服务有限公司

This includes your total taxed and untaxed interest and dividend income.

You should include both taxed and untaxed interest and dividend income.

Instructions: 吉安昌顺皇科技有限公司

You should include total business or farm net income before adjusting for depreciation and/or losses. For US tax filers: business/farm income is normally found on Schedule(s) C and/or F. You should also examine each partnership or corporation (e.g. IRS forms 1120, 1120S or 1065) in which you have an interest. Harvard excludes depreciation expense and/or losses when calculating net business income.

Instructions: 铁法春新伟机械有限公司

You should include net income from rental real estate activity before adjusting for depreciation and/or losses. For US tax filers, rental real estate activity is normally reported on Schedule E. Harvard excludes depreciation expense and/or losses when calculating net rental real estate income.

Instructions: 青岛富旺万设备有限公司

You should include any other income not reported elsewhere. This often includes income from trusts, gifts, taxed and untaxed social security, child support received, alimony received, untaxed housing and food allowances, recurring (taxed and untaxed) pension withdrawals, disability payments, etc. (Note: We usually exclude capital losses from income, which is why a negative number may not be entered. Additionally, if your capital gain is not your regular source of income, but rather a one-time event, Harvard may elect to exclude it from income.)



Use the most recent year’s asset information, converted to U.S. dollars. We will request tax forms and other financial documents to verify this information when you complete a financial aid application.


Instructions: 苏州荣和国科技有限公司

Cash: You should include all cash amounts - typically in savings and checking accounts. Investments: You should include the present value of stocks and bonds (excluding those held in traditional retirement accounts) but may also need to include more complex investments.

Instructions: 沙河仁鼎德贸易有限公司

This should represent the fair market value of your ownership share of any business or farm, less your share of any debts.

Instructions: 儋州福瑞茂贸易有限公司

This should represent the fair market value of your ownership share of any real estate (excluding your primary residence) not already reflected in the Business/Farm section, less your share of any debts.

Instructions: 东营荣和国商贸有限公司

Report the net value of any other asset not included elsewhere. This may include trusts, other non-rental real estate such as a vacation home, sibling assets, etc.


Instructions: 株洲多发百机械有限公司

You should include all assets held in your name - do not include these elsewhere. If you are the beneficiary of a trust, include your share of the fair market value of the trust here.




Someone has shared this estimate with you. You can edit the figures to re-calculate the estimate and see how affordable Harvard can be for your family. 


  • Estimated Scholarship
  • Your Cost
    • Cost to Parents
    • Student Summer Work
    • Student Asset Contribution
    • Student Term-Time Work
Although our preliminary calculation suggests you are not currently eligible for Harvard scholarship assistance, we encourage you to apply for financial aid if you feel you need help.


  • Total Billed & Unbilled Costs


A personalized link has been copied to your clipboard. Paste this link in a message and the recipient will be able to see your estimate.


Ready to apply for financial aid? We strive to make our financial aid application as streamlined as possible. And we're here to help.

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